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Although every fatal traffic accident is a tragedy, vehicular homicide is also a crime. Unlike a car crash caused by poor weather, blown-out tires or road conditions, a vehicular homicide is caused by reckless behavior and, most commonly, drunk driving.

At The Woods Law Office, PLLC in Pierce County, Washington, we cannot help you turn back the clock and make a better choice, but we can build a solid, strategic and effective defense on your behalf. As Tacoma vehicular homicide attorneys, we have helped clients from Seattle and Puyallup to Auburn and Everett who needed an advocate with the experience and calm demeanor of former prosecutor and criminal lawyer Doug Woods.

It is called homicide for a reason

In the eyes of the law, the only difference between vehicular homicide and any other homicide is the weapon; instead of by a gun or a knife, the death was caused by a car, van, truck or motorcycle. Vehicular homicide is a Class A Felony, with penalties that can include a life sentence in prison and a fine of up to $50,000. As your defense attorneys, we treat your case with the same intensity we would devote to any other serious crime. Your liberty is on the line, so we apply all our skill, knowledge and understanding of how the prosecution is likely to proceed to creating a successful defense.

If you were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, additional penalties may apply depending on the circumstances, including your BAC (blood alcohol content) and any previous DUI charges or convictions. These penalties include an additional two years of incarceration for each prior DUI charge, an Interlock device and revocation of your driver’s license. If drugs or alcohol were a factor in your vehicular homicide or vehicular assault, contact Tacoma DUI attorney and vehicular assault lawyer Doug Woods immediately.

If you are facing vehicular homicide charges, talk to Tacoma vehicular assault attorney Doug Woods before you talk to the police!

If a person dies within three years of an incident you caused, you can be charged with vehicular homicide. To learn more about your legal options, please contact us online to schedule a free consultation with vehicular homicide lawyer Doug Woods. Evening and weekend appointments can be arranged. We also offer flexible, affordable payment plans.

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