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What happens if I violate my probation in Washington State?

With experience in municipal, district, superior and federal courts in Pierce and King County and throughout Western Washington State, the criminal defense law practice at The Woods Law Office, PLLC can help you if you have been arrested for a probation violation or scheduled for a review hearing on your probation. Doug Woods is a former prosecutor with vast experience in Tacoma parole violations and probation violations.

The consequences of a probation violation vary with the nature of the violation, but may include a jail sentence, steep fines or additional probation time. Because probation was given in exchange for prison term, you risk losing your freedom because of a mistake. Criminal lawyer Doug Woods fights to help you preserve the terms of your probation and minimize any new or additional penalties.

What is probation?

A sentencing judge sometimes imposes probation instead of sending a person to jail, and sometimes it is imposed in addition to a period of imprisonment. In exchange for being allowed freedom from incarceration, the “probationer” agrees to comply with a number of standard conditions of probation and, depending upon the case, may also have to abide by special conditions. Probation can be for a few months or several years.

While on probation, the probationer is supervised by a probation officer/agent. The officer’s job is to make sure that the probationer does the things the probationer promised he or she would do in order to stay out of jail. When the probationer breaks the terms, the probation officer must notify the court. The sentencing judge then decides what, if any, penalties may be imposed.

Penalties for probation violation

If a probationer commits a crime, the result is often a jail sentence. In cases where the violation is the result of something simple such as not following up on paying restitution, failing to complete drug treatment or counseling or missing a meeting with a probation officer, it may be handled with a minor sanction.

It is, of course, in your best interest to pay close attention to and follow the terms of your probation to the letter. If you have been arrested for a probation violation or have been notified that a probation violation review hearing has been scheduled, call Tacoma criminal defense attorney Doug Woods immediately for a free consultation.

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