Personal Injury Lawyers – Truck Accidents

Personal Injury Lawyers – Truck Accidents

As an experienced 18-wheeler accident lawyer, I hear questions like this quite a bit: I was seriously hurt when a tractor-trailer crashed into my car, and I don’t know what to do. Contact us now. As an experienced trucking accident lawyer, you need to take immediate action to gather evidence. More on this website
Preserve your rights, and pursue a truck accident claim. Here are some preliminary questions we’ll be discussing together:

* Were you a driver or passenger in the car struck by the semi?
* Where did the semi-accident occur?
* When did the truck accident occur?
* How did this truck-car accident occur? Describe exactly what happened. Describe the weather conditions at the time of the crash and the trucking accident; where were you going? (e. G. School, work, home, friends’ house, etc. ).
* Who is your auto insurance company? Bring in your insurance declarations page (this will show us your coverage types).
* Did the police arrive at the scene?
* Was a traffic crash report prepared? Describe the types of personal injury you have suffered.
* What was the extent of the property damage to the vehicles involved in the car-truck accident?
* Were there any witnesses who saw the traffic crash?
* Did law enforcement obtain that information?
* Were you transported from the scene by ems?
* Did you go to the hospital or receive medical treatment from any doctor?
* What is your current medical status?
* Have you been contacted by the at-fault truck driver, trucking company, or their insurance carrier or representative? [do not give them an interview or statement — you are not required to]

I will ask you to provide basic background information about yourself, such as employment history, income loss because of the tractor-trailer accident, medical bills (past and future) you expect because of the tuck-car accident, and discuss factual and legal issues which may arise in the case. Of course, we will discuss settlement possibilities, your hopes and goals, and my thoughts on how we may be able to achieve them. So, how do we reach an accident settlement to cover your serious injury? That, of course, depends on the facts of the case. How that facts are framed and addressed can play a role during settlement negotiations. If you believe your serious injury was caused by the negligence of a truck driver or trucking company, then contact us today. The prompt investigation, including collecting and documenting evidence, including photographs of the property, the semi-accident scene, and your serious injuries, can be critical in proving a serious semi-accident injury claim. At our Law Firm, we represent personal injury accident victims who have been seriously harmed. We pursue claims on behalf of good, upright persons injured by the negligence of others in a car-truck accident, semi accident, 18-wheeler accident, or trucking accident involving serious personal injuries or wrongful death. Bumps and bruises heal and are not, in our view, worthy of a claim. We only handle legitimate and valid personal injury claims, so we can spend more time with your claim and move it forward quickly. Because we only handle valid personal injury claims with permanent injuries, we can ensure personal service and attention to each client’s injury claim and each family’s wrongful death claim. Contact our Law Firm today if you want this type of personal service for yourself and your family and do not want to get lost in a large law firm bureaucracy.

Personal Injury Law – Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Every year thousands of people are killed in auto accidents on Texas roadways. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, Texas experienced an increase in the number of motor vehicle traffic fatalities. The 2020 death toll of 3,896 was an increase of 7.54% from the 3,623 deaths recorded in 2019. There were 12,107 serious injury crashes in Texas in 2020 with 14,656 people sustaining a serious injury.
Our Law Firm has the experience and a record of success in representing people injured or killed in automobile accidents. If you are involved in a car or truck accident in Texas, it is important that you obtain a lawyer that is experienced in handling Texas auto accidents to represent you. car accident attorneys

In Texas, there is a procedure in place to determine whether negligence is involved in a car or truck accident. It is called “proper lookout,” and this means that the driver has to observe all the circumstances of driving in order to prevent a car accident. Thus, drivers have a duty to pay attention to the road as well as to other drivers. The failure to observe this simple rule could result in an automobile accident because of that driver’s negligence or inattention. More on this website

Even minor car accidents can produce injuries that are disproportionate to the event, and symptoms may not arise until well after the original accident. People involved in auto accidents include:

Drivers of vehicles where the driver is at fault.
Drivers of vehicles involved in accidents where another driver was at fault.
Passengers in vehicle accidents whose driver or the driver of another vehicle was at fault.
Pedestrians are hit by vehicles.
Cyclists and motorcycle riders were hit by motorists.

Under Texas and federal law, those injured in car or truck accidents caused by the negligence or recklessness of others are entitled to file a civil action suit – called a “tort” – against those who caused them harm. The plaintiff (claimant) files a lawsuit against the party that caused the injury (defendant). If negligence is proven, the defendant must pay the plaintiff monetary “damages” that may include consideration for present and future loss of earnings, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. In order for the plaintiff to recover damages, a skilled attorney must prove the critical elements of negligence:

The defendant had a duty to the plaintiff.
The defendant failed in that duty.

The plaintiff was injured and damaged as a result of the defendants’ breach of duty.

In Texas, automobile owners are required to carry proof of insurance coverage. If the other driver has no liability insurance or not enough insurance to pay for your injuries, your own policy may provide enough coverage to protect you against uninsured or underinsured motorists. It is best to consult an attorney at our Law Firm to seek advice regarding potential damages against the driver of a motor vehicle under these circumstances: auto accident lawyers Visite this website

There was a fatality.
Bones were broken or fractured.
There is permanent and serious injury or disfigurement.

If you are entitled to damages, your compensation may include medical expenses, lost income, property damage, and pain and suffering damages. If the accident was caused by someone else’s exceedingly reckless or careless behavior, you may also be entitled to punitive damages.

Automobile accident victims are often overwhelmed and suffering from a multiplicity of injuries – emotional, physical, and financial. If you are injured in a car accident, our Law Firm can assist you in receiving compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and other damages.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or killed in a car or truck accident, please contact our Law Firm today.

Choosing the Auto Accident Injury Lawyer Who’s Right for You

Choosing the Auto Accident Injury Lawyer Who’s Right for You

If you have been in a car accident, you need to contact an attorney who can give you the best results possible. We suggest that you speak with two or three attorneys before deciding on the one to handle your case. When consulting with one, ask about experience in handling cases similar to yours and make sure to discuss this lawyer’s record in litigating and settling similar car accident cases. Also, ask the attorney to provide you with a few names and contact information of a few former clients with cases similar to yours and contact them. Do not hire the attorney unless you trust him or her and are confident in their ability to represent you in a way that you are accident attorneys

The auto accident attorneys with our Law Firm have been handling car accident litigation for decades. We’ve won favorable verdicts and negotiated fair settlements against nearly every major auto insurer in the state. Insurance companies recognize our name and the reputation that precedes us. Both are very helpful in securing our clients’ fair claims from insurers. Our business is making sure that you recover as much as possible for your injuries and simplify a complicated and often dubious legal process. Below is a list of some of the services that we provide for our clients:

The time after a car accident is often stressful and confusing to the victims. Don’t add to the stress and confusion by letting an inexperienced attorney handle your case, or try to represent yourself when you are clearly unqualified to look out for your or your family’s best interests. We are uniquely qualified and fully prepared to get you the best results possible. If you or someone you know was injured in a car accident, contact an attorney at our Law Office today at 1(800) 862-1260 (toll-free) for a free consultation and find out how we can help you.

An experienced local attorney with our Law Firm will analyze your case and explain your options so that you will fully understand them. We want to make certain that you recover as much as reasonably possible for your injuries and make this sometimes complicated legal process as easy as for you to understand and navigate to a successful end. Then you can resume your life free from financial harm and with this experience in your rear-view mirror.