Tacoma Fraud Lawyers Are Proactive In Your Defense

Forgery attorneys in Pierce County that deftly handle state and federal charges

For more than a decade, The Woods Law Office, PLLC has offered sound legal solutions to clients charged with forgery, fraud and other financial crimes throughout the Puget Sound area. These are among the fastest growing areas of crime in Washington State and across the United States and may be tried at either the state or the federal level. Fraud and forgery are terms applied to conduct intended to cheat or defraud another. Fraud includes making false statements to apply for benefits, credit or a license. Forgery is the false making of writing with intent to defraud. A “writing” does not mean just something handwritten, as it includes typewritten and printed material. Fraud and forgery are felonies and can involve long terms of imprisonment and very high fines.

As an experienced white collar lawyer, Doug Woods is familiar with the tactics that the government uses in prosecuting fraud or forgery crimes. In fact, as a former prosecutor, he used those very strategies to convict white collar felons in Pierce County. Today, he is an experienced lawyer who makes use of his experience to create solid defenses for our clients.

Complex fraud laws require a skilled Tacoma fraud lawyer

Laws against fraud are often written for specific industries or purposes and may be drafted at the state or federal level. Many of these statutes are complex, and the question of whether the law was violated is often highly technical and subject to interpretation. Many times these cases are built during many months of investigation and evidence-gathering. If brought in early enough, criminal attorney Doug Woods can help influence the course of the investigation, including the prosecutor’s interpretation of the law and which, if any, charges are filed.

As your fraud lawyers, we can help you with fraud defense matters, including:

  • Consumer fraud
  • Business fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Check fraud
  • Welfare fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Bank and loan fraud
  • Identity fraud

If you have been charged with or believe you are being investigated for fraud, contact our Tacoma fraud attorney

Prosecutors are vigorous in pursuing fraud and forgery charges. To make sure that your rights are protected, never talk to law enforcement officials without first talking to us. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with Doug Woods, please contact us online. Weekend and evening appointments are available. We also offer affordable payment plans.

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