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In a Workplace Wrongful Death, Non-Subscriber Employers Are Subject to the Law’s Full Weight

Workers’ comp insurance, costs less than traditional commercial insurance. But it’s still pretty expensive. Even so, almost half of Texas employers choose not to purchase workers’ comp. When an on-the-job accident happens to them, they do not have workers’ comp to protect them from civil lawsuits. And that’s good news for surviving family members. But if they are to receive the compensation for their loved one’s fatal workplace injury from these non-subscribing employers, surviving family members certainly require the investigative assistance and legal skill of a local work accident attorney to get to the bottom of the facts surrounding the accident, and then to file an insurance claim or lawsuit and see it through in order to receive fair accident attorneys

This legal process begins when the victim’s family, also known as the plaintiff, files a claim with the employer, notifying him or her of the injury and the amount of fair reimbursement the family expects. If the employer is insured, the matter us usually handed to an insurance company, which either tries to negotiate a settlement or disputes the plaintiff’s allegations outright. If negotiations progress in-good-faith between the plaintiff and the insurance company, then the case is settled and fair damages are paid to the plaintiff family. But often, work-related injury cases are hotly contested because so much money is involved in wrongful death. And the survivors must file a lawsuit to win the compensation that it deserves. As the injured party, the plaintiff holds the burden of proving that the employer’s negligence caused the injury, resulting in those high medical bills, funeral expenses, lost present and future income, pain, and suffering, as well as pain and suffering by the surviving family members.

If the employer has private coverage, then he or she isn’t likely to agree to pay your family for the negligence-related death. That’s because the insurance company doesn’t want them to. Plus, most employers know that paying an expensive insurance claim is certain to lead to significantly higher coverage rates. And their insurer consistently reminds them of that fact. Our Law Firm’s fatal work accident attorneys experienced in these matters has revealed that most non-subscribers, their insurance companies, and attorneys try to use a pair of traditional defenses to avoid paying the survivors of employees who are killed on-the-job the restitution they deserve.

We Help You Recover From the Shocking Loss of Your Beloved Family Member

The fatal work accident attorneys at our Texas Law Firm help you win the compensation you deserve.

We have been litigating and resolving workplace wrongful death cases all over Texas for decades. We have successfully negotiated countless settlements and argued many cases against every major insurance provider in the nation. We have a history of success and won numerous fair settlements for our clients on behalf of their deceased loved ones. Insurance companies know our track record and don’t want to see us in court. As a result, they often offer our clients attractive settlements without the stress and uncertainty of a jury trial.

The fatal workplace accident attorneys with our Law Firm do whatever is necessary to help you obtain justice and fair restitution for the loved one that has been taken from you. To find out how we can help, call for a free consultation that will be the first step to finding peace of mind in memory of your dearly departed family member.

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